THE COSTING - Free Bella

We get this question a lot - How can something that barely covers my butt, cost that much? We want to create an open dialogue with our customers and really help you to understand how we've fairly priced our suits.


Although swimsuits may not require much fabric, there are many technical aspects to the design and construction of the pieces, which are labor intensive, and as a result, more costly. 


Swimsuits need to function extremely well - Inexpensive suits will fade faster, pill, and sag dreadfully, and we can't have that. The fitting and sampling process typically takes longer to ensure the fit works for multiple body types. In addition, the fabric and trims required must be able to withstand the constant wear and tear of use in chlorine pools, salt water, as well as sun and sand exposure. These high-tech fabrics and materials - especially sustainable, earth-friendly ones, are more costly than the conventional types.


In traditional retail a swimsuit can be marked up to 6x by the time it reaches the customer. By only selling our suits online through our own website, we eliminate these traditional retail markups, and pass the savings along to you. We want to be as candid and transparent with you as possible, so we've averaged out the costs involved to manufacture one of our suits :

Knowledge is power, and we want to give you babes the power. If you have any questions regarding our cost and pricing, feel free to get in touch.